One fine day, in the deep jungle of Nool
Lived a large elephant, named Horton, who suddenly hears a who.
What was that sound, he looks, but couldn’t find
That little voice that yelled for help, carried by the wind.
Horton finds the mysterious sound, coming from a speck
Which he believes is ruled by little people, he suddenly becomes a wreck.
He talked, and talked, waiting for a reply
When suddenly, he heard a sign.
A mayor of Whoville by the name of Ned McDodd
Who is married and has many children, ninety-seven to be the count
What on earth, is a very large amount.
The pair become friends, leaving Horton to find a new place
For the speck to call its new space.
The film’s humour is a miss
With little that were a bliss.
The story was basic
It wasn’t well creative.
However, the animation was colourful, vibrant and bright
Even though the film’s story wasn’t just quite right.
There’s a message of chasing dreams
And full of crazy animal schemes.
The kids will be entertained by this animated flick
However, the adults will get tired of its shtick.