20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, with the first film’s director Matthew Vaughn returning to direct.

WARNING: This trailer review reveals spoilers from the first film ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’. However, if you haven’t watched the first film yet, I’d say give it a go!

While we remember the journey of how Eggsy became a Kingsman by showing us glimpses of footage from the first film, voiced over from Colin Firth’s character Harry Hart, but the trailer sets-up that the film is taking a bold and dark turn as the Kingsman headquarters has been destroyed.

However, while things look doom and gloom, the trailer also offers some snippets of the film’s action sequences that we’ve come to expect from the first ‘Kingsman’ movie. The trailer also name drops some big stars present in this film, along with the return of Colin Firth’s character who was great from the first film.

Although, whoever the villain is this time around, they have big shoes to fill from Samuel L. Jackson’s brilliant and comedic performance from the previous movie.

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ debuts in cinemas on September 22nd in the USA, and September 21st in Australia.