What might had seem quite impossible of returning, is in fact, coming back from the graveyard of television cancellations as cult favourite ‘Invader Zim’ returns on Nickelodeon.

After eleven years since airing on TV screens, ‘Invader Zim’ has been a cult favourite after its cancellation back in 2002. Regarded as one of the best Nicktoons ever produced, ‘Zim’ has remained quite as popular among adults leaving a lasting legacy. Not bad for a show that only has one and a half seasons and 27 episodes.

However, in a surprising move, Nickelodeon shocked fans of the much loved show by announcing an all-new animated television movie for ‘Invader Zim’ via press release. The original voice cast are returning to reprise their roles respectively, and the show’s creator Jhonen Vasquez returning in an executive producer role.

Nickelodeon has also revealed a teaser trailer announcement for the upcoming ‘Invader Zim’ movie.

Chris Viscardi (SVP, Content Development and Production, Animation) at Nickelodeon says:

“As a network that prides itself on a 25-year history of creating groundbreaking, hilarious animation for kids, Invader Zim’ is one of our great loves. It’s been so exciting to see its popularity grow over the last decade through social media, consumer products and the Zim comic books. What makes this announcement extra thrilling is the adventure that Jhonen has created for Zim, and I can promise you that it is as wonderfully absurd and strangely heartfelt as any fan of the original series could hope for, and kids seeing it for the first time will love it too.”

This becomes Nickelodeon’s third revival project on beloved classic programs with ‘Hey Arnold’s jungle movie and ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’s television special. However, ‘Invader Zim’ becomes the first Nickelodeon show to be revived from the 2000’s era.

No airdate for the movie has been set, but will air on the Nickelodeon channel very soon, ish.