Ever since Comcast acquired DreamWorks Animation for a largely sum of $3.8 billion, the studio has been transitioning with canceled films like ‘The Croods 2’ and ‘Larrikins’, and announcements of future animated films such as ‘Everest’, Edgar Wright’s ‘Shadows’, and the ogre that never sleeps ‘Shrek 5’.

After Disney’s live-action adaptation of their much loved 1991 animated masterpiece ‘Beauty and the Beast’ opened to $174.7 million two weeks ago, it seems like Universal wants a piece of that glorious fairytale pie with the shocking announcement of two live-action films based off DreamWorks Animation’s animated classics.

The first live-action film will be adapting the studio’s most profitable franchise with ‘Shrek’.

Via press release:

Get ready to go back to where it all started in this enchanting story that turned the fairytale genre on its head with the live-action retelling of ‘Shrek’. Using motion capture performance for Shrek and the visual wizardry that is CGI, recreating Shrek’s world has never looked this good. Gingy’s gumdrop buttons will look as real as the 2001 film did all those years ago.

When thinking about it, making a live-action ‘Shrek’ makes a lot of sense, it is a well known property loaded with nostalgia, and apparently Internet fame, as well as a fairytale that is loaded with 90’s pop songs.

If there’s one thing the film needs for certain, it’s Smash Mouth’s original cover of “All Star”.

If that wasn’t enough, an anonymous source hinted at another live-action film in the works:

Using the CGI technology that made ‘The Jungle Book’ such a vision to behold, we’ll be applying that technology with a group of animals that become castaways on a deserted island with no hope in the world at getting rescued.

This hint is obviously directing at ‘Madagascar’, using realistic CGI that made ‘The Jungle Book’ such a beauty to behold.

No word yet if Ben Stiller will reprise his role of Alex the lion.

UPDATE: April Fools! This was an April Fools Day news article. Hopefully I fooled someone… but in reality, probably didn’t. As Shrek would say: “That’ll do Donkey. That’ll do”. 🙂