Pixar has surprised many and have uploaded a short film on their YouTube channel titled ‘Dante’s Lunch’, based on their upcoming film ‘Coco’ which debuts in cinemas later this year.

Usually, Pixar shorts can be found through three ways:

  1. Attaching the short with their theatrical films or other non-Pixar films
  2. The short is available as a home video exclusive on DVD and Blu-ray
  3. The short is part of a series based on a particular franchise that plays on various television channels, e.g. ‘Mater’s Tall Tales’.

Very rarely their shorts are available elsewhere. The only one that comes to mind is an ‘Up’ short called ‘George & A.J’ that was released exclusively on iTunes, and later on Facebook and YouTube.

While it can be labelled as a short film, it’s more served as another teaser trailer for ‘Coco’, reminding me of other short teaser trailers that focuses on a little story like ‘Frozen’ with Olaf and Sven trying to get to the carrot first as an example. However, it can be labelled as a short film as well because it has a title card at the start of the video.

The short film teaser (that’s more appropriate) explores Dante looking in trash bins for something to eat. However, he comes across a bone, and that’s where things start to get more supernatural as the bone takes Dante on a little journey around town. The short is an enjoyable two minutes, and does remind me a little of say a ‘Looney Tunes’ short or one of those Scrat shorts for ‘Ice Age’. However, this short film teaser is a nice little introduction to Dante before the film premieres in cinemas in November.

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ debuts in theatres on November 22nd in the United States and December 26th in Australia.