Blue Sky Studios have releases the first trailer for their upcoming animated film ‘Ferdinand’, based on the children’s book ‘The Story of Ferdinand’ by author Munro Leaf.

Longtime readers know I have a mixed track record when it comes to Blue Sky Studios films. Recently, I’ve seen what the studio can do in the likeable and stylistic CGI animated movie ‘The Peanuts Movie’, and have seen what is easily the studio’s worst movie ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’.

Where does that leave ‘Ferdinand’? In between.

I really liked how the trailer started out. It introduces where Ferdinand lives and how everyone around him perceives him. And then Ferdinand is in a China shop, and that’s where I got a little confused, like why is he in the China shop when he specifically states through voice over “least his not in a China shop”? Hopefully it’s just taken out of context, and so I was a little confused why they showcased a lot of the trailer’s time on the China shop, where it doesn’t give me much on what the film’s story is about. It seemed to be in the short snippets of scenes where it gives us a little on the story like Ferdinand being taken away by his owner, and so I wish I got more on that aspect instead with the trailer’s nice song “Castle on the Hill” by popular musician and singer Ed Sheeran , but it’s a trailer and its trying to appeal to families and kids, so I just hope this film is a nice return for Blue Sky and is more like ‘The Peanuts Movie’ than the ‘Ice Age’ sequels.

‘Ferdinand’ debuts in cinemas on December 15th in the USA.