The children of the Isle are back in Disney Channel’s wickedly anticipated movie event of the Summer as Disney has released the third teaser trailer for ‘Descendants 2’, which introduces a brand new musical number.

Not a whole lot can be said about the trailer, however it does introduce a brand new original song from the movie and gives us a supposedly snippet of a clip from the film (more than what the other trailers gave away of the characters posing for the camera). Although this might just be another teaser for marketing and not apart of the movie (similar to what ‘Camp Rock 2’ did with “It’s On”), though those apple hand tossing would go to waste if it was just for marketing purposes. And if you couldn’t tell they were wicked, they literally spell it out for you. Although the trailer does state the movie is going back to the Isle, a place we only saw very briefly in the first movie and the most we saw was during the opening musical number “Rotten to the Core”.

Disney has still yet to clarify the premiere date for ‘Descendants 2’, still listed as premiering on Disney Channel this Summer in the USA, and this Winter in Australia.