“Justice For All”.

Suit up as Warner Bros. has revealed the first full trailer for their upcoming superhero crossover mash-up ‘Justice League’.

The tone is very similar to the Comic-Con sneak peek that was released back last July, dark and gritty, while throwing in some quips and humour, and scenes seen previously with last year’s sneak peek like Bruce’s encounter with Barry. The trailer, very briefly, introduces the three heroes that joins Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. Although if you’ve seen ‘Batman v Superman’, then we’ve already known about these newcomers joining the fray.

Even the song fits perfectly with the trailer of “Come Together”, composed by Junkie XL and Gary Clark Jr. The trailer is edited very well, and presents us with some action visual spectacle.

‘Justice League’ opens in cinemas on November 17th in the USA, and November 16th in Australia.