This is my first time writing an opinion piece, rather than just reporting the news or reviewing a movie. This technically shouldn’t be on this blog, considering I will be discussing about a television series, but because this show is a spin-off from a popular horror movie franchise, I decided to break the rules in order to express my opinion on this decision MTV has made.

WARNING: This opinion article will contain spoilers to the first two seasons of ‘Scream: The Series’. If you haven’t seen the show, I suggest you give it a watch. For the fans of the show that have seen it, you can read on.

Now, I want to start things off first by saying I wasn’t part of the fanbase when it premiered on MTV back in June of 2015. I watched the entire first two seasons back in November last year as my brother suggested to watch this show as he was a huge fan of both the movies and the series, after I reviewed all four ‘Scream’ movies last October. Intrigued, I gave the first season a watch. However, while the season started off a little rocky, the show definitely improved itself as it went along, only to deliver a bigger, better, more ballsy second season (excluding the Halloween special). I found myself actually caring for these characters as they improved throughout both seasons from being stereotyped to more three-dimensional characteristics and personalities, from the super horror nerd, but totally cool, Noah (#NoahKnowsBest), to the likeable lesbian best friend who doesn’t get pushed around Audrey (my two favourite characters from the show), although I do like Emma and Brooke as well.

So What’s the Problem?

After the second season’s ratings taking a bit of a fall, averaging around 377,000 viewers (down compared to the first season’s average of 750,000 viewers), a lot of the fans were skeptical that MTV would pick the show up for a third season. However, just a couple of weeks before the Halloween special was set to air, MTV surprised the fans and announced the show will return for a third season, consisting of only six episodes (down from season one’s 10 episodes and season two’s 14 episodes). This led to fans speculating that the third season will likely be the show’s last and this renewal was setting up for a conclusion to the characters we’ve come to know and enjoy watching after two years.

Scream Series 1
Image via MTV

However, Deadline reported that the third season will now, in fact, be a reboot. The article mentions that the cast had been “given permission to take other jobs”, with the show’s main lead Willa Fitzgerald (Emma) landing a pilot for FOX called ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ in a main role. And this was a decision made without a show-runner locked in for the new season. Although, MTV and production company Dimension have yet to make a comment on this news.

This “reboot” decision is to turn ratings around, however in doing so just frustrates and angers your loyal fanbase who wants a conclusion for the main characters of the past two seasons. Making matters worse, season two ends on a cliffhanger, involving Emma’s father at Kieran’s grave. If Emma isn’t part of season three, how does her dad tie in with season three’s new characters? Does that mean the season two cliffhanger remains unresolved?

Scream Series 3
Image via MTV

Maybe MTV will incorporate the original season three ideas into the reboot, but it just wouldn’t feel right without the original characters we’ve come to know for the past two years. Instead of finishing the original characters story for season three and rebooting the cast for a potential fourth season, the fans will now have unanswered questions and a “what if” scenario onto season three.

No wonder we are all screaming over this decision.