Over the years, Pixar Animation Studios has invited audiences through incredible worlds and seeing perspectives that we wouldn’t had thought was possible. From a world that is populated by superheroes, to the perspective of toys, to a rat’s dream that he can cook, Pixar has done an unbelievable amount of hard work with its imaginative characters, amazing storytelling and breathtaking visuals.

While the studio hasn’t been as impressive as they were in the mid-90’s and across the 2000’s decade (yes, even including you ‘Cars’), they have made two of the best animated films, heck films, of the 2010’s, being ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Inside Out’. However, with ‘Coco’ the studio is tapping back into an original story that put them on the map as a powerhouse animation studio.

Pixar unveiled the first look at their upcoming film ‘Coco’, and while it is surprising to see it made available now and not in June with another Pixar movie ‘Cars 3’ (usually Pixar releases their teasers a month before their next film or on the day of their next film). Still, I’m not complaining.

My thoughts on the ‘Coco’ teaser (boy, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about a trailer), looks incredible. The opening shot reminded me of both ‘The Incredibles’ (the posters and articles on Mr. Incredible’s wall) and ‘Ratatouille’ (an idol or personal hero that the lead characters are inspired to become, in the case of ‘Ratatouille’ Remy’s dreams to cook while looking up at Chef Gusteau’s talent and passion for food).

Image via Pixar Animation Studios

I like the small scale the teaser brings, until halfway through we get the film’s main plot point of being transported to the world of the dead, based upon the Mexican holiday that this film is based upon, titled as Día de Muertos, translating to the Day of the Dead which is celebrated every Halloween.

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ debuts in theatres on November 22nd in the United States and December in Australia.