Lionsgate has released the first full trailer for the upcoming ‘Power Rangers’ reboot, which is highly anticipated by many fans, including myself as it’s my most anticipated movie for this year.

While we explored more of Angel Grove and what the characters are going through like being bullied or being a disappointment, this trailer amps up the action and for the first time, we see the new Ranger suits in action. The trailer shows off first that while they don’t know each other, the thing they share the most is that  they are all screw-ups, as stated by Kimberly (Naomi Scott). Although, what Jason (Dacre Montgomery) is stating that they all met each other by coincidence or fate by being “in the same place at the same time”.

The trailer throws in some humour, however I wasn’t a huge fan of the jokes, but maybe its better in context with the movie. Although, seeing Zordon (Bryan Cranston) for the first time blew me away, as it is re-imagined for a modern day audience, and yet I’m really digging it, better than the head in a tube from the original 90’s show, although I’m still not sure how I feel with Alpha 5’s design (voiced by Bill Hader), but I guess it makes sense as the lair is now an alien spaceship, and the design needed to reflect on being an alien looking robot.

However, the action looks intense and what I’ve been waiting and expecting from a big budget ‘Power Rangers’ movie.

‘Power Rangers’ morphs into theatres on March 24th, 2017.

March can’t come sooner.