Disney has released the first trailer for their upcoming new show ‘Tangled: The Series’, based upon the mega popular 2010 film ‘Tangled’.

‘Tangled’ is my favourite CGI Disney movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, thus far. So when I heard there was a TV series in development, I immediately freaked out and was super hyped for the project. However, seen in the trailer, the show features 2D animation, compared to the 3D CGI we’re use too in the 2010 film. Although, I prefer it this way as the CGI wouldn’t look nowhere as close to the 2010 film for a weekly animated series.

It’s great hearing the main cast reprise their roles for the show as I can’t see anyone else voicing Rapunzel (Mandy¬†Moore)¬†and Flynn (Zachary Levi) as they were perfectly cast for their roles and brought a likeable chemistry between the two.

Although, the trailer shows Rapunzel’s long blonde hair again, as the trailer is keeping it a secret as to how Rapunzel gets her magical long hair again. Although, what the trailer is showing, it looks like she won’t be able to cut her hair again, although as Flynn, a.k.a Eugene points out “I won’t ask as how it grew back. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation”.

‘Tangled: Before Ever After’, the movie length premiere, labelled as a Disney Channel Original Movie, airs this March on Disney Channel.