Disney’s big hit television movie returns with a sequel in ‘Descendants 2’ as Disney Channel reveals the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2015 hit film.

I’m a fan of Disney’s fairy-tale adaptations and the television series that constantly gets better and better each season with ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’. However, while I had a mixed reception to the first film, I did see a lot of potential which I hope the sequel will explore.

Although, the first film premiered to solid ratings back in July of 2015, as it generated 6.6 million viewers, with a further 12.2 million viewers upon DVR and on demand numbers, and you can see why Disney green-lit a sequel.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show off anything from the actual movie, however re-introduces the main characters from the first film, along with a potential new foe on the way.

‘Descendants 2’ premieres this Summer on Disney Channel.