2017 has now arrived, and my first movie for the new year is Hailee Steinfeld’s new film ‘The Edge of Seventeen’, released by newcomer STX Entertainment who released last year’s surprise hit ‘Bad Moms’.

Nadine is a seventeen year old teenage girl who has had the worst of luck in the past four years. She is depressed, but can always find comfort with her best friend Krista, who she’s been besties with since the age of seven. Nadine is constantly battling with her brother and her mother, but has a good relationship with her father. However, the battle is over and the war has begun as Nadine finds out that her best friend and her brother are dating. Things just got complicated.

Going into this movie, I thought this film was just an “above-average” teen flick. However, this film has underlying messages about growing up and finding one’s true self as I was surprised by when I exited from the cinema with a smile on my face. It’s a feel-good movie that explores the troubling dynamics of family and friendship (which I found it surprisingly relatable in parts).

Hailee Steinfeld is terrific in the role as down on her luck Nadine, a career best performance that I haven’t seen from Steinfield since the 2010 remake of ‘True Grit’, offering a true emotional core to the character, while being cynically hilarious as if her mind doesn’t have a filter and she says without thinking the ramifications of it, or what she calls it as an old-soul not fitting in with kids at her own age, but she is a bit of a drama queen. However, the whole cast was solid with the “above average” Erwin played by Hayden Szeto, Nadine’s supportive teacher Mr. Bruner played by the world’s greatest actor Woody Harrelson, and Nadine’s complicated brother Darian played by former ‘Glee’ star Blake Jenner.

‘The Edge of Seventeen’ has the makings of a cult favourite among teens, but one even adults can enjoy and respect. It’s a coming of age teen film that goes above and beyond the typical average teen films that it is aiming with its demographic. However, the film’s trailer (seen below) explains the film’s story perfectly: “It may feel like the end of the world… It’s just the beginning of growing up”.

It’s pure, and funny, and charming, and awkward, and sweet, and sad. It caters to a lot of different emotions that equals as a true crowd-pleaser and is one of the year’s best movies (am I too early for that?)