With the year almost finished, I thought it was fitting to have a look at the five best movies that were overlooked at theatres this year. For films inclusion, they must have a grade of a B or over, and that the films under-performed at their initial box office run that were overlooked or missed by audiences. It doesn’t mean the films are flops, but should have been more embraced for the quality of their films. These films are in no particular order, so let’s look at my five best movies that were overlooked in theatres this year that I think should be seen.

Steve Jobs


“The musicians play the instruments, I play the orchestra”. ‘Steve Jobs’ takes an interesting and inventive way of exploring its storytelling through three different launch events of three different products that Steve Jobs was involved in. The three devices were the Macintosh, the NeXT computer and the iMac. The story that surrounds these launch events is through Steve trying to get everything running perfectly for the launch, however he must face his ex-girlfriend and the realization of his daughter. ‘Steve Jobs’ is well written, with fantastic direction and cinematography, and some solid acting performances. The only downfalls is the film’s pacing at times being a tad slow and some supporting characters that get bigger roles as the film progresses are slightly underdeveloped, although this is a film well worth checking out.

The Nice Guys


There are a very few movies that break out and shine, and with the marketing of the film looking like a fun time, I didn’t expect Shane Black’s latest film being one of my favourites of the year. The time period is 1977 in Los Angeles where a porn star named Misty Mountains is killed in a car accident. Her aunt wants closure and pays private detective Holland March to find her, as she claims she’s seen her two days after her supposed death. Jackson Healey, a messenger that he proclaims, is searching for a missing girl named Amelia, and teams up with March to crack the case. Do you want action? Check. Do you want strong acting? Check. A funny, yet suspenseful mystery? Check. ‘The Nice Guys’ is a nice masterpiece. Highly recommend checking this out.



Steven Spielberg returns to the fantasy realm for his latest film based upon a children’s book written by author Roald Dahl ‘The BFG’. The film follows a girl named Sophie who lives at an orphanage in London. She is always on her own as she is very independent, organizing and tidying up rooms around the orphanage. However, she ignores her own rules of not getting out of bed during “the witching hour” and walks towards the open window. However, she does these things as she sees a strange thing, a giant. The giant snatches her and takes her to Giant Country, and that’s where their journey begins. ‘The BFG’ is a BFM – Big Friendly Movie – that families can enjoy together with its visuals, acting and pure fun.

Sing Street


Get ready for a toe-tapping, rocking motion picture that is both moving and emotionally satisfying in John Carney’s latest film ‘Sing Street’. The film is set in the 1985 where Conor is sent to a new school, one that isn’t costly as the family goes through financial difficulties. Conor struggles at his new school, however meets the girl across the street who is trying to fulfill her dreams as a model and talks her into being in his band’s music video. The only problem, he doesn’t have a band assembled as he tries to impress this girl. ‘Sing Street’ is music to my ears. Here’s hoping this film gets some recognition at the Oscars next year.

Kubo and the Two Strings


‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ follows a mother who has been washed up from sea, protecting her child from her father and her two menacing sisters. The boy, Kubo, only has one eye, after his grandfather took it away from him, and is now seeking his other eye. Kubo must face his fears and have courage if he is going to defeat his evil family tree. ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ shows that Laika is a talented animation studio, on the levels of recent Disney animated films, Aardman and even Pixar. The film is a visual treat, while also offers spectacular action and well-developed characters.