Our long time readers will know that I have a very mixed response when it comes to films from DreamWorks Animation. The studio has released so many great films like the first two ‘Shrek’ films, ‘The Prince of Egypt’, ‘Rise of the Guardians’, the two ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ films, and all three ‘Kung Fu Panda’ movies, among many others. However, the studio can also pump out films that are average like ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ or ‘Shrek Forever After’, and films that I wish I never saw like ‘Shrek the Third’, ‘Bee Movie’, and ‘Shark Tale’ to name a few. So where does their latest film ‘Trolls’ get placed? Well let’s find out.

‘Trolls’ explores the story of Bergens, these giant tall creatures that eat Trolls on this one day every year. The Bergens are under this impression that eating Trolls makes them happy, since the Trolls are very happy go lucky creatures that dance and sing. However, on the day for the king’s son to have a taste of his very first Troll, they find that the Trolls have escaped and remain in hiding ever since. However, it doesn’t go according to plan as one of the Bergens finds the new home of the Trolls.

After the disastrous teaser trailer which featured twerking Trolls to the beat of “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”, I was worried what DreamWorks Animation’s next film would be quality wise. However, the first trailer debuted and it looked kind of fun, so I had some interest restored for ‘Trolls’.

Primarily, ‘Trolls’ is a musical comedy adventure flick, so with the songs, none scream out (or should I say, sing out) to me. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the songs featured here are well-known as most are covers to already pre-existing, and popular, songs. However, they are nice songs to listen too at times like “True Colours” as an example, being a slow song that’s filled with emotional weight that fits with the tone of the scene and the built up towards these characters. The song I enjoyed the most was “Get Back Up Again”, if anything it reminded me a little of Disney songs from past and modern films and moved the plot along in a nice fast pace. And who can’t love “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. That song has been in my head for the past six months, and now it’s back in my head once again after seeing the film.

What I find the most disappointing aspect is the film’s plot. The summary I gave to this film is literally the opening of the film, and what starts out interesting and having plenty of potential fades away, as the film is mostly a love story? And I won’t spoil, but what the film advertises isn’t necessarily what the film focuses its time on the most, as it borrows elements of past Disney films like ‘Cinderella’ as one.

‘Trolls’ may have some few charms, some heart, and its two main characters are likeable but wanted more to them, especially the forgettable side characters.

I may not found my happy place with ‘Trolls’, but kids under ten will find this film cutesy and charming. But for anyone older, it depends if you can overlook the film’s predictable flaws.