After a week in which we have been bombarded with a slew of trailers teasing 2017’s big releases, Warner Bros. has saved one of the best for last, offering us our first glimpse at Christopher Nolan’s next feature, ‘Dunkirk’. While it’s safe to say that Nolan has a style that can be very divisive, he is one of the few filmmakers working today combining visionary filmmaking with big budget visuals, and his name alone can green-light an otherwise risky film. It’s hard to imagine anyone else being allowed to make a film like ‘Dunkirk’, allegedly Nolan’s passion project, set during the British evacuation of Dunkirk beach following a German ambush in the Second World War. Check out the trailer below:

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the way Nolan ended his otherwise fantastic ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Inception’ and found myself surprised by the cinematic wonder of ‘Interstellar’. I am excited to see what he can do in an entirely different genre, a war film of all things, after over a decade sticking to science fiction. From the looks of this trailer it has the potential to be among his best work yet. The music is especially chilling and I imagine the great Hans Zimmer will only improve on what is used here. It also feels like a long time since there’s been a big budget World War II film such as this, and I’m glad to see the setting revisited, particularly since this was such a significant historical event. Interestingly, it also marks the acting debut of Harry Styles, who joins a stellar cast, as per usual for Nolan, which includes Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh. This is a big one to watch for in 2017.

‘Dunkirk’ opens in cinemas July 21st, 2017