McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest fast food restaurant ever, as it is a major global corporation that nearly everyone knows or has had food at Maccas before. I know I have, as I had grew up on eating at McDonald’s as a kid, from Happy Meals to Quarter Pounders, Maccas has had a tremendous part of my childhood, or just life in general, and while I don’t have McDonald’s much now in my adult life, I do come back to the fast food icon every now and then. But here’s a film that explores McDonald’s origin story, starring Michael Keaton and directed by John Lee Hancock.

Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) is a struggling salesman who is trying to sell milkshake makers. However, he gets an order for sixteen milkshake makers for one McDonald’s, as he gives the place a look and falls in love with the business and how they get orders done, using the speedy system and their consistent control of their products, by the McDonald brothers, and shows how this one fast food restaurant went to become an “overnight sensation, thirty years in the making”.

‘The Founder’ shows the life of Ray Croc who keeps buying these different businesses and gains profits from companies he takes over. Keaton does an admirable job as Ray Croc, showing both the humanity side and the control of trying to buy the business, showing the shady side of finding loopholes in order to obtain his goals. However, success doesn’t lead to glory, as he fights for the control of the company and to find time for his loving wife.

The film is directed very well, and does an admirable job at portraying the McDonald brother’s life story, showing how they invented their beloved system and how they started the business and where the idea came from was very well shot, directed, and edited, without seeming like exposition. It was a great scene that introduces the lives of these characters.

However, the film gets to a point in the second act where it becomes a tad bit repetitive, endless phone calls and showing these different places of Ray buying the land, and while these are important to the story, it takes a lot of the film’s runtime where to a point it gets a bit tiring and seeming to be repeating itself just a little.

‘The Founder’ is an entertaining drama which has some heart, charm and some good genuine laughs. While it sometimes does seem a bit repetitive during its middle act, it is still an admirable film that is well acted, directed and edited.