RIGHT ON THE MONEY (0-5% range)
SO CLOSE (6-20% range)
ALMOST (21-40% range)
TOO OPTIMISTIC (41% + range)

TOP STORY: ‘Moana’ continues to make waves as the film repeated at #1 for the second weekend in a row. The newest film from Walt Disney Animation Studios grossed $28.4 million this weekend, grossing for a combine domestic total just shy of $120 million. Meanwhile, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ has surpassed $600 million worldwide for the tenth highest grossing film for this year, surpassing the China hit ‘The Mermaid’ ($553.8 million).

Here are the results to our predictions for this weekend:

  • Incarnate

Daniel’s Prediction: $7 million (61.4%) TOO OPTIMISTIC

Nic’s Prediction: $15 million (82%) TOO OPTIMISTIC

Opening Weekend: $2.7 million

Source: Box Office Mojo