I’ve been looking forward to this romantic drama since I saw the film’s trailer a couple of months ago as its plot and concept intrigues me and stars two amazing actors Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander, and is directed by Derek Cianfrance.

The film follows Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender), a veteran war hero who is now looking for a job after the war. He takes the offer of being a lighthouse keeper. Although, he falls in love with Isabel Graysmark (Alicia Vikander) and the two try to have a baby. However, one day a baby in a paddle boat washes up from sea, and the two decide to raise the baby.

The film does a magnificent job at portraying Tom’s new job as lonely and isolated from the world, and in life, with lavish shots of oceans, islands and sunsets. The spark of life is given to Isabel, who Fassbender and Vikander have great chemistry, as they are together off-screen which they met on the set of this film, and not only that, their acting performances are admirable and emotionally-raw. Their characters are interesting, although I do wonder some of the characters choices, as you see the lies start being tangled and things going from bad to worse.

Unfortunately, ‘The Light Between Oceans’ feels like it has potential, although I do wish the film was a little more fast-paced, as it follows a sluggish pace. I liked the development of these characters, yet I do wish I got some answers, like how did the baby get lost at sea and swept up to the island of Janus? I don’t know, the film never bothers to answer this, despite showing me flashbacks of the couple loving the baby before it reaches to Tom and Isabel.

‘The Light Between Oceans’ has plenty of heart and some nicely developed characters, and it is interesting to see how the scenario comes to play and seeing these lies getting entangled, the film is very slow-paced and could have been a more tighter film. However, it is enjoyable despite its sluggish pace.