Rev up those engines as Pixar’s next feature film has released its teaser trailer this morning for ‘Cars 3’.

I’m a huge fan of the underrated first ‘Cars’ film, as I thought it had enough heart and charm and showed a tremendous growth of a selfish racer that cares about one thing, himself, however he learns that it isn’t all about him while stuck in Radiator Springs and learns to just go for a drive every now and then. However, the sequel on the other hand is Pixar’s worst feature by far.

Going in to the ‘Cars 3’ teaser, I wasn’t really that excited, but after I saw it, my mind was blown. Moving away from spy cars and deadly missions, the teaser reminds you what you liked about the first film and its immense focus on races. However, this has to be the most emotionally devastated and gritty trailer Pixar has ever released, and you know what, just after this teaser I am already super excited to see what’s to come next for Lightning McQueen as the trailer states “From this moment, everything will change”. A dramatic and bold statement.

‘Cars 3’ races into theatres on June 16th, 2017.