RIGHT ON THE MONEY (0-5% range)
SO CLOSE (6-20% range)
ALMOST (21-40% range)
TOO OPTIMISTIC (41% + range)

SUMMARY: The much awaited and anticipated next entry in the ‘Wizarding World’ was released with ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ opened to a solid $75 million, taking first place at the weekend box office. While it is lower than all eight ‘Harry Potter’ films’ opening weekends, however it was close to other ‘Potter’ titles such as ‘Order of the Phoenix’ ($77.1 million) and ‘Half-Blood Prince’ ($77.8 million), however keep in mind these two films opened on a Wednesday as each films had a five day total of $139.7 million and $158 million respectively. Still, considering it is a spin-off in the popular series, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ has done very well.

Here are the results to our predictions for this weekend:

  • Bleed For This

Daniel’s Prediction: $11 million (78.1%) TOO OPTIMISTIC

Nic’s Prediction: $14 million (82.8%) TOO OPTIMISTIC

Opening Gross: $2.4 million

  • The Edge of Seventeen

Daniel’s Prediction: $15 million (68%) TOO OPTIMISTIC

Nic’s Prediction: $14 million (65.7%) TOO OPTIMISTIC

Opening Gross: $4.8 million

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Daniel’s Prediction: $70 million (6.6%) SO CLOSE

Nic’s Prediction: $110 million (31.8%) ALMOST

Opening Gross: $75 million

Source: Box Office Mojo