The tale as old as time returns next year in grand fashion as Disney have released the new trailer to the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which is among one of Disney’s most acclaimed animated films of all-time.

While I am extremely excited for this new iteration of the film, I was also feeling rather skeptical as pictures were posted a couple of weeks ago of our first look of the Beast and some of the objects, like Lumière and Mrs. Potts, and I while I wasn’t a big fan of them at the time, except for Cogsworth, seeing them in the trailer, I no longer have any doubts.

The trailer starts out like a direct sequel to the teaser trailer that was released earlier this year, which was the most viewed trailer in a single day at the time (now second to the ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ trailer), but the trailer just continues to ramp things up by showing us more of the castle, while introducing the animated objects of the Beast’s cursed servants. Emma Watson already looks perfectly cast as Belle, and hopefully this film is more in the reins of ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Jungle Book’. But as a first impression, this trailer has still made me super hyped for this film as it is one of the top films that I am excited for next year.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The film is directed by Bill Condon (‘Dreamgirls’).

‘Beauty and the Beast’ debuts in theatres on March 17th, 2017.