“Who is the Accountant?” A movie that puzzles itself, leaving you confused, then answered. ‘The Accountant’ wasn’t on my radar of must-see, but along came the trailer, and intrigued me. An interesting concept for an original property, where audiences have called out on Hollywood of being unoriginal by continuously pumping out sequels, prequels, remakes, cinematic universes; but alas, here’s an original movie that stars Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick and J.K. Simmons.

The film follows Lewis? Bruce? Chris? (the many alias Ben Affleck’s character has, so I’ll call him the accountant) works as a forensic accountant by day, crime fighter assassin by night. “The accountant” is diagnosed with autism and was trained to fight at a young age. However, while investigating into the annual reports of a robotic company, the answers he search are revealed, and puts Dana (Anna Kendrick) in danger that “the accountant” must protect.

This film tries, there are many moments that I really did admire with the film, like the opening backstory, the action sequences are well handled and remind me a lot of ‘John Wick’, and the backstory of “the accountant” is interesting to see how this character became a trained assassin. However, the film feels unpredictably predictable, and while that may seem to make no sense for anyone who hasn’t watched this action driven drama, if you see this film, you’ll agree with my statement.

However, there are times where the pacing is very slow, some of the characters seem uninteresting and needed more time to develop and sustain a relationship, particularly between “the accountant” and Dana, and sometimes the scenes with the government just slowed the film down, and instead of ramping it up that the action sequences did.

While I wasn’t a fan of the movie, I didn’t hate it either, somewhere in the middle. It has moments of action and character, while elements that slowed the film down, mainly the government agency scenes.

‘The Accountant’ is a puzzle that at first the pieces don’t seem to be coming together, however as the film progresses the pieces will come together.