November 4-November 6 Weekend:

RIGHT ON THE MONEY (0-5% range)
SO CLOSE (6-20% range)
ALMOST (21-40% range)
TOO OPTIMISTIC (41% + range)

SUMMARY: Marvel Studios continues to dominate the box office as their latest release ‘Doctor Strange’ had a magical start opening with $85 million and taking the #1 spot, making this Marvel’s 14th consecutive streak of opening in first place, out of their 14 film library. ‘Doctor Strange’ ranks among 10th in the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ openings, ahead of 2011’s ‘Thor’ ($65.7 million) but just slightly under the 2013 sequel ‘Thor: The Dark World’ ($85.7 million). Although, it wasn’t just Marvel that was celebrating, DreamWorks Animation’s latest release ‘Trolls’ had a great start opening with just over $45 million. It’s DreamWorks Animation’s 14th highest opening out of their 33 films produced so far. What’s more impressive, it’s their 7th highest opening for a non-sequel film.

Here are the results to our predictions for this weekend:

  • Doctor Strange

Daniel’s Prediction: $60 million (29.4%) ALMOST

Nic’s Prediction: $67 million (21.1%) ALMOST

Opening Gross: $85 million

  • Hacksaw Ridge

Daniel’s Prediction: $10 million (31.9%) ALMOST

Nic’s Prediction: $13 million (11.5%) SO CLOSE

Opening Gross: $14.7 million

  • Trolls

Daniel’s Prediction: $40 million (12.2%) SO CLOSE

Nic’s Prediction: $55 million (17%) SO CLOSE

Opening Gross: $45.6 million

Source: Box Office Mojo