“Holy Rabies!” ‘Hotel Transylvania’ follows Count Dracula building a hotel where monsters and her daughter can be safe from the human world, after a devastating attack.

The movie feels like a CGI cartoon, as the characters are acting like if they were drawn from hand, providing slapstick humour, and while the film does provide some rather humorous jokes, the film does have a lot of misses.

The film’s story is simple, where the daughter, named Mavis, wants to explore the world, similar to Disney’s Rapunzel in ‘Tangled’, and the characters have some charm to them between Mavis and Johnny, the first human who stays at Hotel Transylvania, while their relationship isn’t fully developed as their interaction is rather limited, however they do provide charm, as I said before, e.g. Johnny showing Mavis the sunrise for the first time in her 118 year old life.

The film’s main focus is Count Dracula, Mavis’ father, trying to get rid of Johnny by kicking him out of Hotel Transylvania, as he is very overprotective towards his daughter, and while this concept is fine, it is mainly the film’s main plot device, stretching this idea out, and comes across tiring towards the film’s conclusion. And what is up with that song at the end?

‘Hotel Transylvania’ is more aimed towards kids, while adults will like some of the film’s gags and humour, the film is mainly a forgettable family film that is fine, but wish the film was better with its zany out there monsters and provided a little emotion towards Mavis and Dracula’s family relationship.

The film zinged, but it should have zagged.