Disney and Tim Burton are back again in the stop motion animated film ‘Frankenweenie’, based on the 1984 short that Burton created and burrows a lot of ideas and concepts from the short, like the family watching Victor’s home movie, the way the camera moves as Sparky gets hit with a car, and the way Victor reanimates his dog is similar to the animated feature.

The film follows Victor as his best friend Sparky the dog is unfortunately killed in a car accident. Victor struggles to move on and attempts to reanimate his dog pal Sparky.

‘Frankenweenie’ is beautifully crafted, stylized as a black and white film with great use of shadows and lighting. The film’s story is simple, there’s this Science Fair that Victor wants to enter, and the competition of his peers try to outdo Victor’s reanimated corpse dog. However, the supporting characters are fine, but aren’t very memorable and are just there strictly for the plot. I liked the bond between Victor and Sparky more, and the situation that Victor finds himself losing a best friend is very relatable, especially me as I’ve lost a couple dogs during my lifetime so far, and it can be quite emotional, especially if you’re a kid like I was. The film sort of stalls, and doesn’t seem to have much material to work with once Sparky is reanimated.

‘Frankenweenie’ is fine, kids will like it, and adults can find it charming. It’s good solid entertainment.