Wow! When we got the first poster for ‘Logan’ two weeks ago, along with the announcement of the title, I was intrigued. We hadn’t heard anything on the third Wolverine film for a long while and now it seems the promotion wheel is well and truly spinning because today brought with it ‘Logan’s first trailer. And it’s quite amazing. Take a look for yourself.

What really strikes me about this trailer is the tone. It’s far more gritty and grounded than anything we’ve seen from the ‘X-Men’ universe before. The music partners perfectly with the brown, post-apocalyptic colour scheme, and it looks like Hugh Jackman may give us one of his best performances to date. One of the greatest things to come from the success of comic book movies this decade is the realisation that they can fit into many different genres. This trailer has a serious Western vibe, a far cry from James Mangold’s previous outing ‘The Wolverine’, which possessed an overt Japanese pop tone, and it drops in a year that gave us the R-rated fourth-wall-breaking comedy, ‘Deadpool’, from the same studio. I have to give credit to Fox for being so daring with its properties. Colour me excited.

‘Logan’ claws its way to cinemas in the U.S. on March 3rd, 2017