Someone has taken their love for horror sequels and made a superior horror sequel, a rarity in this genre. Wes Craven’s ‘Scream 2’ takes what you love from the first film and multiplied by two, by going bigger and better, although is it better than the first ‘Scream’ or is it a little too big?

‘Scream 2’ opens as the events in the first film is now a bestselling book by Gale Weathers and a hit movie called ‘Stab’. However, more horrific events occur, causing Sidney to be alerted. Is there a copycat out there?

The sequel does a lot of things right. The scares are more suspenseful, the humour is still as sharp, the “original” characters are further developed (I’ll get back to the characters), and the film features twists and turns you don’t see coming. There are scenes that work, like Randy’s guide to a successful horror sequel (as you can guess, Randy is one of my favourite supporting characters) and Sidney’s fear of Ghostface during a rehearsal for her big stage show is very elaborate and features many quick cuts for a spooky and surreal feeling, just as much as Sidney is feeling during this sequence.

However, the sequel does have some cracks in the mask. More importantly is the new characters, as they aren’t as developed, nor feature much screen time when compared to the originals as the film tries to balance the newbies with the oldies. Derek is probably the new character that gets the most screen time, and yet, I still don’t know much about him other than that he loves Sidney. He gets more of a backstory during the film’s third act, but it becomes a little too late concerning the details and development of said character. Still, the third act’s big reveal is still shocking and suspenseful, but it just doesn’t have that big punch that the first ‘Scream’ has as those characters were more developed and had more personality to them. The new characters are fine, but don’t leave a big impression like the first films were.

Despite some flaws, ‘Scream 2’ is still as entertaining as the first flick, still offering enough scares, screams, and the further development of the original characters. And like their film class, while it doesn’t quite surpass the original, I will still call it a sequel that gets a lot right.

The film will make you scream, all over again.