Hello bruh! Welcome to the ‘Storks’ review, produced by newly assembled animation studio Warner Animation Group whose prior film was only just ‘The LEGO Movie’ and we know how well that film was. So is ‘Storks’ on the same levels of awesomeness that is ‘The LEGO Movie’ in storytelling and humour, or is it just a forgettable animated feature? Let’s review this movie bruh!

So bruh, you want to know what ‘Storks’ is about? It follows this hip and cool stork named Junior who needs to “liberate” Tulip to become “bosssss…” of Cornerstore bruh. But, drama bomb, and Tulip mistakenly drops a letter into the baby making machine and the letter becomes a… baby bruh. So they must team up to deliver the baby.

‘Storks’ tries to be a hip and cool movie, but unfortunately bruh, ‘Storks’ comes across as a film that tries to be funny all the time, and you end up getting either sick of the gags or the trying too hard to be funny jokes and the character’s development ends up being flat. Like the arguments bruh end up being played for comedy, instead of actual drama, which lacks any connection with these characters. Junior is much hit and miss, and overall a weak character, despite having some lines that were humorous. What I found disappointing the most bruh was the characters as I can see elements where these characters should have left a bigger impact, as Tulip wants so desperately to find her long lost family, but ended up being as a second thought, rather than a full-fledged arc. The film definitely has a balancing problem on which characters should get the most screen time, is it Junior and Tulip, the Gardner family, Hunter or Pigeon Toady?

While the trailers didn’t impress me, the concept alone is an intriguing one, but I don’t think it is that well executed. The film is too quick paced, too jokey, and doesn’t give the film, or characters for that matter, time to breathe. There’s even a musical number with Pigeon Toady that was super cringe worthy bruh. And why did I thought the voice sounded like Lumpy Space Princess from ‘Adventure Time’?

However, while I seem negative, there are scenes that were enjoyable, and dare I say it, creative, like the Wolf pack being turned into a bridge or a submarine, it is very inventive and imaginative bruh, like that awesome silent action scene that involves with these penguins.

Overall bruh, ‘Storks’ falls flat for the most part, but have some creative moments and a few chuckles here and there, but left more to be desired with characters that I wished were more three-dimensional. The character close enough was Tulip who I connected the most.

‘Storks’ is safe, but had elements that could have been a much better and more enjoyable film bruh.