Do you like scary movies? Well, here’s a scary movie from 1996 that became an instant phenomenon and a revival of the horror movie genre at the time, twenty years ago.

I was going to review these four ‘Scream’ films last year in October, but once I heard the news that Wes Craven passed away, I decided to delay reviewing these films for Halloween this year. While I haven’t yet seen Wes Craven’s other iconic horror films, such as the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ films, but this film is one of those rare horror films that I really love. It may be that most horror films are purely made just to scare or be gory, but this film, while it can get violent, the film does a good enough job balancing the humour and the scares.

The film is about a high schooler named Sidney Prescott, a girl who has been coping the loss of her mother nearly a year ago. However, while hearing horrific attacks happening in her town, suddenly a killer is on the loose.

‘Scream’ is filled with meta-humour and a strange love letter to horror fans out there. It references a lot of earlier horror flicks such as Craven’s own work of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ (and a wink wink reference of a janitor in Freddy Krueger clothing), ‘Halloween’, ‘Carrie’, and ‘Friday the 13th to name a few. However, it is these meta-laughs that I find the most enjoyable such as Randy’s scenes by laying out the structure of what not to do in a horror film, which ironically are in.

A lot of times, horror characters as just expendable for the scares and the gore, however ‘Scream’ does a nice job giving each of these characters personality and a reason to support them. And the fact, this film has a lot of great jokes that constantly made me laugh. Although, that shouldn’t keep away from the film’s suspenseful moments that made me jump quite a few times.

‘Scream’ is the perfect balance of character, humour and scares, for a horror film like no other of this mystery slasher that keeps you guessing who did it throughout the film’s running time.

This film will make you scream.