Here it is folks, the review you’ve all been waiting for, it’s smurfing time to review Sony Pictures Animation’s ‘The Smurfs’. Is this the smurfing masterpiece we’ve been waiting for, or is it as bad as people say it is? Sadly, it’s the latter.

‘The Smurfs’ follows Smurfs getting ready for a Blue Moon Festival, but Clumsy is always getting in the smurfing way, so he explores outside the village, and gets noticed by Gargamel and practically shows him where the smurfing village is. This leaves the Smurfs to run away, but Clumsy takes the wrong path, leaving other Smurf variations to follow him, and they all get sucked into a portal which leaves them to… New York. They meet up with Neil “Patrick” Harris (I’m using quotations because his character’s name is Patrick. Oh the writers, they are so clever).

‘The Smurfs’ doesn’t follow a narrative structure, it’s all random things happening on screen. While they need an object, known as the star gazer, a.k.a. a telescope, this film can be summed up as basically this: The Smurfs need to find a telescope, in order to see the moon (because they can’t see the moon from Patrick’s apartment) and to find a spell to take them home. That’s it, that’s the film, but there’s so little material to work with, this film feels stretched for its 103 minute runtime. We get a scene where Gargamel makes a woman look younger, and that is two scenes in this whole film, but gets tossed out the window once the film progresses. If it isn’t important, why have the scenes in the first place? Stick to the story and goal, don’t just go on a tangent, just to stretch this film out longer than it needs to be.

Oh, did I forget to mention, the film is filled with toilet humour and Smurfs rapping? And to show this film isn’t creative enough, in order to obtain the spell, *sigh*, they, and I’m not even joking, they find the comic strips from their original author who created ‘The Smurfs’. How does that even make sense in the film’s world? I.. I don’t even know. This film shows little creativity, instead we need more shots of Patrick and the Smurfs singing to “Walk This Way”.

There are two things that are stopping this film from being completely terrible:

  1. There is a little backstory with Smurfette that lasts for thirty seconds. Shocked? I know I am, amongst the clichéd gags, the film throws a genuine backstory, but unfortunately it gets lost in the film’s next tiring joke that precedes it.
  2. There is some scenes that try to show they care towards family, and it’s odd for me to say this, but it is actually pretty well written, for the most part.

However, these two elements are small compared to the film’s shenanigans and tiring humour. Because having Smurfette (voiced by Katy Perry) referencing one of her songs is hilarious “I kissed a Smurf and I liked it”. *Face Palm*

‘The Smurfs’ isn’t original, funny or creative, and while there are small elements that I do like, the rest of the film was a chore to watch and to even care about these characters.

It is a smurfing disappointment.