Blue Sky’s ‘Rio’ follows Blu who discovers he is the last male of his species, being a blue macaw, so Blu and his owner, and best friend, Linda travel to Rio, Brazil, where Blu must meet Jewel, a female blue macaw, to save their species. However, they find themselves in danger, and to make things worse, Blu has troubles with flying.

‘Rio’ is filled with fun and some nice humour, however, sometimes the film is a bit too goofy, although the film does have some likeable characters that you do end up caring for, as Blu wants to get back home, Jewel wants to be free and hates being trapped in cages.

The film has some nice catchy songs, and has a nice rhythmic pace to the film’s narrative structure with some vibrant and colourful animation.

‘Rio’ may not fly high, but it has its heart in the right place for a fun family adventure.