I’m not a horror fan. I don’t like getting scared while watching a movie. This year I have seen three horror films, the first two being very good films ‘The Conjuring 2’ and ‘Lights Out’ where they relied on tension and scares. Does ‘Don’t Breathe’ rival these other horror flicks or does it break the trend of high quality horror movies?

Rocky, Alex and Money are a trio of thieves, stealing items and expensive goods from people’s homes around Detroit. When they find out that a man has over $300 thousand stored in his house, the trio set out to steal it from a man who is blind. Just when they thought it was going to be easy, they see themselves struggling to survive.

I’ve never seen the ‘Evil Dead’ reboot in 2013, let alone any of the films in the respected series, however I will say that ‘Don’t Breathe’ is directed very well. You get continuous one shots that are used as a house tour, showing us what rooms the trio of robbers are entering, and is executed brilliantly. The choice of sound design is top notch, making you actively engaged and filled with utter suspense as these characters are in the home from hell. The acting is solid, with strong praise from Jane Levy who portrays Rocky and Stephen Lang who plays the titled “Blind Man”. What I loved about this film is that you don’t know who to root for, who you want to succeed as both sides have shades of evil lurking, with twists you don’t see coming, and believe me, these twists are completely twisted.

‘Don’t Breathe’ continues 2016’s horror streak of high quality entertaining thrill rides, and ‘Don’t Breathe’ is no exception. It’s scary at times, it’s suspenseful, it has tension, it has some strong and solid acting performances that sell this film and make it believable.

I have about one complaint, the characters, while have some depth, I think they aren’t quite developed for me to really be invested in them as people, rather than scared out of my mind because the situation they find themselves in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve stated what I loved about this movie, so much so that it’s ended up as my favourite for horror films, as this one is just loaded with chills and suspense which just made it stand out from the other two horror films – which were also great films.