Are you a watcher or player? Welcome to the game of Nerve, where you can earn money by doing random dares successfully. If you bail, you lose it all… Or you just lose your loyal followers. ‘Nerve’ stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Does this film have nerve or does it bail out?

High schooler Venus (Roberts), or “Vee” for short, is your typical teenager, as she wants to explore life, outside of college that her mother wants her to attend too, because of the heartache they’ve suffered in their family. When her BFF Sydney (best friends forever yo!) tells Vee’s crush that she likes him to an unlikely response, she begins to play the game Nerve, after her BFF’s addiction to the game.

‘Nerve’ has an interesting concept. A game where you can access as an app that lets you attempt random dares from something as simple as kissing a stranger, to something that’s completely dangerous like holding off cranes. The dares become more dangerous as the player continues to try to be the best. Oh, and you earn money for the dares you complete. It is completely twisted. However, the more the film progresses, the more ridiculous this game gets, not because the dares get more challenging and dangerous (which they do), but because the logical aspects of this game becomes more far-fetched; look no further to the final challenge. How is this website and app still active for more than a year?

Look away from the film’s concept and fictionist app, the acting is pretty solid. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco have good chemistry, and you kind of believe more and more into their relationship as the film progresses, thanks to nice character moments where the film slows down a little to give us reasons why these characters are playing this game and more about themselves as people, which was a nice addition.

‘Nerve’ is a teen film, but is edgier than most teen flicks. The film tries to have a moral message, despite its final game being ridiculously over-the-top, although did I found the film enjoyable? Yeah! It’s nothing you’ll be dreading to watch, it is a perfectly fine film if you have nothing else to do.

Will you be a “watcher” of this film?