Before reviewing, I had never seen ‘Despicable Me’, which started a massively popular franchise and joining the recognizable animated brands, amongst the ranks with ‘Toy Story’, ‘Shrek’ and ‘Ice Age’, and while it started off a bit slow, towards the end, I found myself enjoying the film and can see why this film has become into pop culture status. Oh, and you can’t go wrong with those minions.

‘Despicable Me’ follows Gru, a villain who is passed his prime as other younger villains are accomplishing far more than Gru has, among them is a villain named Vector. However, Gru needs a shrink ray, as he attempts to steal the moon, so he adopts three girls named Margo, Edith and Agnes to steal the shrink ray back, so he can live up his despicable dream.

This despicable movie is very funny, mostly landing the jokes to laugh out loud results, an example is the little alien ship that the girls and Gru have to knock over in order to win a unicorn toy. The film’s characters also bring some heart, and I really liked Gru’s character growth and characterization of learning the ropes of being a parent and still be one of the world’s best villains. And the minions bring the film some fun, and the best part, these characters are not too childish as they weren’t in there just to make the kids laugh, as I found them having some of the best comedic jokes and gags in the whole film.

‘Despicable Me’ is hilarious, sweet, heart-warming and despicably good.