Do you like sharks? Do you like Blake Lively? Well, here’s a shark movie starring Blake Lively in ‘The Shallows’, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. Is it the ultimate winter movie experience you’ve been waiting for or is it just a generic shark movie?

The film follows Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) who has gone through a tough time with her mother and her family. She travels to a “secret beach” or her mother’s beach that Nancy constantly calls it, and decides to surf. However, she is attacked by a shark, and the ultimate game of survival rests on her moves and decisions to survive.

For the most part, the film is directed and edited pretty well. When it gets tense and suspenseful, the film is very fast paced in terms of editing, and there are some really aspiring choices made like how the social media works, an example being that Nancy flips through photos on her phone, but the screen is always placed on the screen next to her so we too can see what she is seeing, which from a creative standpoint I really dug.

I think my main problem is that Nancy isn’t that engaging or interesting as a character. For the first part, she is stuck on a rock by herself with a non-speaking character, and when it just gets along, it kind of gets a little repetitive and just overlong with me thinking “is that just it? Where’s the suspense? Where’s any action?” However, once something happens with the shark, it becomes this other movie that I was constantly engaged and had me interested towards the film’s eventual conclusion. And yes, Steven Seagull is awesome. He better win an Oscar for Best Supporting Role next year. *Fingers are crossed*.

‘The Shallows’ is well directed, well filmed, well edited, with at times a pointless story, however picks up halfway through as an engaging and well suspended film, however has some wonky dialogue at times. This film has some fun with moments of suspense, but it was half a perfect film and wished the first half was tighter and more engaging with our lead character.

‘The Shallows’ isn’t perfect, but it was often an entertaining thrill ride.

‘Jaws’ with anger management.