Another Dr. Seuss book gets turned into a movie
And despite the film being all cutesy
The film is, unfortunately, much too goofy.
The film is about a story of a story
Where the Once-ler sets out to find his glory.
He creates an invention, known as the Thneed, which is basically a product for fashion and stuff
He cuts down a tree, and then a storm, to reveal an orange creature, who was acting all tough.
The Lorax was his name, the speaker of trees
To tell the Once-ler, stop cutting down these living things.
But that was one story, a story about greed
It tells us another story, a story about seeds
A girl named Audrey has high hopes
Of seeing a living tree, oh, that’s so dope.
So Ted sets out and has a tree in his sight
To find a living tree, to make everything seem right.
The film tries to tell two stories, by incorporating lessons
The film’s Lorax story is effective, in telling its message
Which, overall, begs the audience, the question.
Why have the story about corporation and business
With characters undeveloped, despite the film’s runtime of eighty-six minutes.
Ted’s motivation is seriously weak
To get a kiss from the girl of his dreams
Once he finds a tree, he’ll be the hero of the week.
And despite the Lorax story being strong
The film suffers from lack of humour, which makes the film incredibly long.
With some chuckles here and there
And some cutesy bears, the film, unfortunately, just gets nowhere.
Overall, ‘The Lorax’ story of a story isn’t relativity clever.
Sure, there are gags, but the message that has potential is muddled up, thanks of the film’s story inception.