Here’s something you don’t see very often. A wide release of an adult animated film – and trust me when I say this, this isn’t a kids film. It’s quite the opposite on that with Seth Rogen’s latest adult comedy ‘Sausage Party’.

The film follows a supermarket named Shopwell’s where every food awaits for the early mornings to be chosen “by the gods” to enter into the “the great beyond”. However, we know that isn’t the case, but they don’t know it as they learn the ugly truth that people eat food, and yes even baby carrots that appear in the trailers. One sausage named Frank (Seth Rogen) must learn the truth and to tell the supermarket what the great beyond actually is.

The trailer made it seem like the food get chosen, and after learning the truth of what humans do with food, they must get back to the supermarket through a long journey back home. However, that’s not exactly the film’s case. It’s actually more about this journey of discovering the truth through a road trip film in a supermarket, filled with food that can walk and talk. The film’s story isn’t complicated, but it doesn’t seem like there’s enough material for a 90 minute feature. The film’s humour isn’t consistent, as it rarely hits, as some made me chuckle, with a very few that made me genuinely laugh out loud. However, most scenes there just seems to be constantly repeating humour towards sex and drugs, and after a while it eventually just gets boring, which is not what I wasn’t expecting with this film after the shocking, yet funny, first trailer – I was super excited for this film, yet I feel sad to say that I didn’t particularly enjoy the film as much as I really wanted too. The characters aren’t well developed, and I didn’t particularly care for any of these characters. Sure, there were some cool ideas with some of these characters that often got my attention, like the trio of unexpired products or some of Barry’s lines – which he was the most interesting character among the film’s leads. While the animation does look decent to watch, especially after the films reported budget of only $19 million (which these days, animated films cost over $100 million to produce), although at times it can be hard to watch during some scenes.

In the end, ‘Sausage Party’ was disappointing. It has some few laughs and inventive ideas, but just ends up as a wasted potential which could have been an instant classic, although I do want to see a wave of new adult animated films in wide release, although this film becomes too raunchy and over-the-top grossed out humour which sadly overlaps the film’s main story, which ends up having its message a little blurry, especially towards the film’s third act which I don’t want to spoil in detail, but ends up going opposite of how the film starts off with, making the story and its theme a little contradicting. And what was up with that last scene in the film? It comes out of nowhere!

Quoting the Twinkie from the movie, “Once you see… [‘Sausage Party’] …it’ll f**k you up for life”.