Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Lights on. Lights off. A simple premise that works out on a creepy and thriller scale. This is the ‘Lights Out’ review.

The film sees Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) who tries to look after her younger brother who has been kept awake on most nights from an evil spirit that their mother can talk too. The only time this ghost comes out is through the dark, leaving this intriguing premise of keeping the lights on that works to this film’s advantage.

The film is so suspenseful and has plenty of tension that at times constantly made me speak out like “don’t go in there” or “get the hell out of that house”. It works very well with smart direction, like even a neon sign is keeping this spirit from attacking, waiting for the light to flick on and off, and it leaves you feeling filled with suspense and just waiting for it to attack, like the characters in the film are feeling. It’s not cheap, it’s used all of these electrical devices advantage crafting this masterfully done horror flick, and doesn’t get repetitive – which is a good thing, as it constantly challenges the viewers.

Surprisingly, while the horror elements are done incredibly well, this film could have relied on them to be a decent horror flick, but the characters are so well realized and developed, even alluding to past stories that you don’t get answers too. You get to the point in caring for these characters and want them to succeed in taking this spirit out.

My only problem, the ending feels a little abrupt because once the film gets going, you sort of wish it kept continuing on this strange and scary adventure.

‘Lights Out’ is a twisted and inventive horror film that promises its audience by its title. Now if you excuse me, I’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.