Bourne is back. Thankfully this time, Jason Bourne has returned from hiding on another mission for his latest outing ‘Jason Bourne’, with Paul Greengrass returning to direct (director of the ‘Bourne’ sequels; ‘Supremacy’ and ‘Ultimatum’).

Without spoiling much, Jason Bourne has been living in hiding for the past nine years. He is reunited with Nicky Parsons who hacks the files revealing there’s another “Treadstone” project on the cards for the government, this time called “Iron Hand”. Wanting to publish these files online, Jason Bourne uncovers a secret that he wants answers for. Buckle up for another ‘Bourne’ adventure.

 This film has divided critics and audiences ranging from terrible to good. While I can see one can argue that this film does recapture the sameness of the ‘Bourne’ formula. However, I think there’s enough twists and turns that makes this film is a solid entertaining flick that has a few faults, however it is an enjoyable film. It’s definitely on the bottom of the Matt Damon Jason Bourne films, but being on the bottom is on a list of great action flicks. It is no way better than ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’, but while I was a little letdown from this film, that’s only because the other ‘Bourne’ films are close to perfect on its own pedigree – the way I feel towards a Pixar film.

I found the same formula working better than it did with ‘The Bourne Legacy’ as this film has more elements of character thanks to some emotional moments and a few twists you don’t see coming which I liked about is the film’s unpredictability. The action is well choreographed and is filmed with ease. Although, there are some overabundance of shaky cam that was way too distracting and fast choppy scenes during the Greece action scene.

The film has some faults, like the shaky cam I just mentioned. While it works later in the film, it is way too noticeable during the Greece action motorbike chase scene. However, the element that didn’t quite work or mesh together was the film’s odd inclusion of this social media application. It’s like, “what am I watching right now” because this isn’t what a ‘Bourne’ film should be? It slows and, at times, stalls the film, instead of moving it forward.

Sure ‘Jason Bourne’ has some problems. Is it still entertaining? Absolutely. It is an enjoyable action thriller flick that is entertaining to watch. It isn’t on the same levels as the other three Matt Damon ‘Bourne’ films. But using a Pixar example, ‘Jason Bourne’ is the ‘Monsters University’ to the ‘Bourne’ franchise. It’s a likeable entertaining action-thriller flick.