The Disney Channel Original Movie that just keeps on rockin’. ‘Camp Rock’ premiered on the Disney Channel back in June of 2008, debuting with nearly 9 million viewers, making the second highest rated DCOM at the time (now third as of writing) which is a pretty remarkable feat. Does ‘Camp Rock’ rock or does it snooze? Get those guitars ready for a rocking review.

The film sees Mitchie desiring to go to Camp Rock because she loves to sing and she can play many instruments, including keyboard. Unfortunately, her mother keeps telling her daughter that it’s just not financially possible. However, when she gets back home from her last day of school, her mother’s catering services is called upon to cater the food at the camp all summer, therefore allowing Mitchie to attend her dream camp, at a discounted rate of course. However, there is a catch as she needs to help out with the catering from time to time during the summer. While at camp, Mitchie becomes fast friends with a girl named Tess as they share a connection between the two as their mothers are a big deal in the Entertainment industry. Or are they?

‘Camp Rock’ looks and sounds like your typical DCOM, however its message and heart are in the right place that makes this film a rocking good time. The film explores the loyalty and power of friendship as Mitchie goes through a tough time figuring out her true friends and whether lying to be popular and cool is worth it. Demi Lovato portrays a good performance as this shy girl who is unpopular who tries to figure out who she is as a person through her love of music and wondering who will she be. Lovato is perfect for her role with her affectionate smile and her serious acting chops like the confrontation after “Play My Music” with Tess. No wonder she made a name for herself after this movie took off like a rocket into popular culture. Meaghan Jette Martin also does a brilliant job at portraying Tess, who may seem like a mean popular girl, but deep down she is really a girl who is constantly abandoned by her famous mother who couldn’t even talk to her own daughter for a minute on the phone. Her character grows as the film progresses, and I like that about the film a lot. Joe Jonas is also quite good in his role as Shane Grey who is the typical bad boy rockstar, but his character also progresses with the help by Mitchie, who both Lovato and Jonas share great chemistry whenever they share the screen together.

The film does have some flaws, like some of its clunky dialogue and the overbearing of some repetitive lines like “whoa”, “totally” and “cool” that gets thrown around a lot. I know this next one is a nit-pick but I want to say it, when Ella leaves Tess, isn’t weird she quickly joins another crew in like less than five minutes? However, its song can be a bit too generic and too pop orientated, although there are some great stand-outs that I could easily put in my top 10 list for favourite DCOM songs like “This is Me”, “Here I Am”, “Play My Music” and “Gotta Find You” being my absolute favourites.

‘Camp Rock’ is solid entertainment. It’s too cool, but it totally rocks.