Image via Blue Sky Studios

“The Biggest Comedy Ever Assembled”? I wouldn’t say this was the biggest comedy ever assembled, but I guess they wanted to advertise puns.

‘Robots’ is Blue Sky’s second feature film and among their animated films, this seems to be a somewhat forgotten film from the studio that made ‘Ice Age’ and ‘Rio’ films, by far their more popular and recognizable titles. I used to like this film as a kid when I was ten. Now seeing twelve years later, does it hold up?

The film’s plot revolves around an aspiring inventor named Rodney Copperbottom (at the time, a third CGI character who has a knack for inventing things, Flik from ‘A Bug’s Life’ and Jimmy from ‘Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius’). He has a hero named Bigweld, and wants to work for him and show off his invention, however Bigweld is no longer in charge with Ratchet now running the ship with a business executive in mind. That means upgrades for everybody at an unreasonable amount of money for robots who are rusty or breaking down meaning if you are a rusty bot, you are on death row. You know, a family picture. Now I have Nostalgia Critic in my mind.

The film is very safe. It’s generic, but creative. It’s predictable, yet tries to be heartfelt. Its characters can be annoying, yet at times can provide a lot of fun. I find myself torn at this film now reflecting it back after all these years. The jokes can be hilarious to watch, like how are robots born into this world? Unlike Pixar’s ‘Cars’ they actually answer it, and it’s at times hilarious, although did we really need some of the crude references. Really?! The film has a lot of mature themes that kids wouldn’t even take notice, but they do just feel odd in a film that is tailoring more to kids, like fart jokes. The film makes armpit fart noise hilarious, but go to further extremes of actually farting from a robot character that’s butt is too huge. Not very creative. Although, I chuckled at the light post’s outlined body, now that was creative, not the fart joke they did before it. Also, the film’s baddie inventions of cleaners wasn’t that well executed. I mean, just don’t go on the roads, done. Life saved. And pop references jokes for the sake of having pop culture references? During a battle we had to go into pop dancing of Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time”? Really?! That came out of nowhere. Like literally nowhere!

However, I liked the film’s message. It’s done a million times, but it’s done to good use of never giving up on your dreams, and it is refreshing to see a parent supporting their child’s dream, not disapproving it that we’ve seen in countless other movies like ‘Sister Act 2’ or ‘School of Rock’, just to name a few.

‘Robots’ has clunks, but it also has heart. It’s fun, but can be obnoxious at times. Its message is well told, despite a somewhat uneven story. It’s harmless entertainment that anyone can take something away to like about.