I have been eagerly awaiting to see this film, not only to review, but to finally check out after the positive reviews I have heard from this film. This is on the type of interest I have after hearing people’s enjoyment out of this movie, similar to ‘Dredd’ where it has its own loyal fan base – which is another film I definitely need to see one day.

After John Wick loses his wife to an illness, he feels isolated and alone. Too much to John’s surprise, he gets a gift of a beagle named Daisy from his recently deceased wife. Keeping him company, John finds a new love, however evil follows him wherever he goes after a brief meeting with these hooligans at a gas station.

What I like is the film’s simplicity, although at times makes you question “where is he now”, “who is he”? The film constantly builds you up to answer these inevitable questions. Keanu Reeves is perfectly cast, and while he doesn’t receive much dialogue, compared to the film’s villain, he is definitely a surprising gem and the glue that holds this film together, along with the amazing choreographed fighting action sequences. Although, with the film’s dark tone, there is also some humour to be found.

The only thing I might have some disinterest in the film is that some of the fight scenes become a little too repetitive as John tries to find the boss’s son. What works with the pool party scene, it becomes a bit repetitive when we see through this again in a different location.

‘John Wick’ is filled with action-packed scenes, great performances, and emotion present to John Wick as a character and the story that revolves around him.