After one of the most massive backlashes towards a movie I’ve ever seen, the newest ‘Ghostbusters’ film is rebooting the universe. While I did have zero expectations towards this film after the not so funny trailers. I was still hoping and praying that this film was just poorly marketed – the same feeling I had towards the ’22 Jump Street’ trailer, and that film turned out to be a hilarious action comedy – so here’s hoping that this new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie will do the same. The results are mixed at best.

The film’s story is that during a museum, something strange is happening. Dr. Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) gets the call about a potential ghost haunting the building, and is hiring her thanks to a long forgotten book she and her best friend at the time Abby (Melissa McCarthy) wrote together. However, she notices the book has gone back up online and decides to meet Abby. However, Erin joins Abby and her new partner Jillian (Kate McKinnon) to investigate about a potential paranormal disturbance haunting around the museum.

What works? Kristen Wiig is by far the best player in the new Ghostbusters team, providing a subtle performance and getting some of the best lines in the movie. Her character is also the one that gets the most to explore, we find out how she got into researching about the paranormal and that only gives further strength to her character as we care towards her the most. She doesn’t go over-the-top, and I generally liked Wiig’s portrayal, even being love-strucked by the handsome, but stupid, Kevin, which Chris Hemsworth provides a good comedic performance, while it seems he is having tons of fun with this role, which is better than I would have thought thanks to last year’s comedy disappointment of ‘Vacation’, however Hemsworth is having a lot of fun here, and it shows. Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones I liked in parts, but sometimes goes into cartoon mode – look no further than the end of the trailer below which involves a possessed Abby. However, I did like these two, and wanted to explore these characters more, like Wiig’s character. Kate McKinnon seemed out of place, as her character never made me laugh or even really care for. Maybe that is because her character seems more like a side supporting role than a full-fledged star member of the Ghostbusters team. Maybe its because we don’t really see her inventing these amazing contraptions? They simply just appear when she says she’s been working on them. It would be cool seeing her work on them, that might give her a little more character to see how her character thinks. However, it seems everyone has a different favourite in the Ghostbusters team as people really like McKinnon’s character, so it is very opinionated on who is your favourite of the new team. For me, I really liked Wiig’s character the most.

I have liked every other Paul Feig comedy with Melissa McCarthy, but this film is just a disappointment as I know how funny and creative this duo can be with their previous films, like last year’s ‘Spy’, but the comedy was severely lacking. While parts does have some good laughs, for the majority it just seemed to be funny in places and wasn’t very consistent, concluding to an unbalanced comedy.

‘Ghostbusters’ lacks soul, while it makes up for some great looking visuals from the ghosts, the film lacks setting up rules as I am not aware of this world as I’ve never seen the original two films, so I’m seeing this as a newcomer to this universe. While it helps giving out explanations for their weapons, everything else lacks explanation. It seems to cater, surprisingly, more to the fans, relying on fan-service throughout the film, especially towards the third act – despite this being a reboot and not a continuation. It has some form of identity issue, is it catering for newcomers or trying to cater towards its fans of the original two?

‘Ghostbusters’ is more appealing to fans of the original, however newcomers like me will find it hard with its shaky and at times jumbled story. But there is fun to be had, I just found it average at best.