Image via Blue Sky Studios

Film number three for the ‘Ice Age’ series, and while I appreciate the first film, and enjoyed the second film; ‘Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ derails the franchise as a forgettable mess. While many third films decrease in quality, while there is success in producing a threequel, such as ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Madagascar 3’, sadly, ‘Ice Age 3’ is along the lines of ‘Shrek the Third’.

The film starts off as Manny is welcomed with good news that he is going to become a father, as Ellie is now pregnant. Sid finds eggs, which happen to hatch, leaving Sid to mother a trio of baby dinosaurs, but mummy dinosaur finds that her babies are missing, and tracks them down, bringing Sid into the underground dinosaur world. Yes, you heard correctly, underneath all the ice is an underground world filled with dinosaurs, which are supposed to be extinct, as Manny and Ellie continue to say throughout the film.

This film has a sluggish flow, as the film’s main objective or goal is to rescue Sid, so the film becomes this long rescue mission, it’s just unfortunate that not much happens in between the journey to rescue Sid, as the film stretches out filled with tired gags and lame humour, and while there are a few chuckles here and there, the film is mostly voided on fun.

Additionally, Scrat’s scenes feel like filler, never moving the story forward, but ends up stalling the film and stretching the film’s runtime, and very rarely interacting with the main characters that the story is focused on. They feel like shorts, rather than apart as this theatrical film. Maybe they should just have Scrat shorts in front of the ‘Ice Age’ films, just to keep their mascot active? I mean, they are fine, and probably the most amusing to watch, but just don’t fit with the film’s overall story.

‘Ice Age 3’ is a hollowed mess, with uneven storytelling and a weak plot, voided on fun and humour.