Image via Blue Sky Studios

Who would have thought that a surprise hit of 2002 would turn into a global franchise and that in 2016 we have the fifth entry of the ‘Ice Age’ series? Well, we do, and while the series has been going downhill since the third flick, will this entry rise above the disappointing predecessors or will it hit a new low?

The fifth film sees Manny now having to cope with her daughter getting married and leaving the herd, however he doesn’t want that, along with his wife Ellie, so the two hatch a plan. While Scrat ends the world. Uh… Yeah. That happens.

‘Ice Age’ tackles what feels like another end of the world scenario that they faced in both ‘The Meltdown’ and in ‘Continental Drift’ – it’s getting harder telling these films apart. However, unlike those two, this is now in the sky, so I guess that’s a little better, rather than following them to certain doom? What this film lacks, along with its third and fourth entry, is the characters charm and heart, which the first two films do a good enough job at. I don’t care what happens to these characters, even when some of the major characters get little screen time like Diego and… Uh, Lopez Diego. Especially Scrat. I know this is a CGI cartoon, but traditional animation is different to CGI, because of CGI these characters feel real, so having a character that constantly gets hit by doors and walls is never funny and makes these characters feel like invincible, rather than real characters. It works in traditional because they are flat characters, but when they are in CGI and you can tell it’s realistic, it makes it hard to feel for them.

The jokes are never funny, and are often for the little kids, but making this point is stupid. I’ve recently re-watched the first two films, especially with the first film, the jokes for the most part were subtle and were every often while dealing with the emotional weight of Manny’s abandonment and the human village desperately wanting to seek their lost long tribesman baby. Here, it’s all just jokes about how crazy this character is and see that character fart so it’s got to be funny. No! Another thing, the film is trying to have all their characters to be the comic relief, and it just doesn’t work. Look no further than to ‘The Angry Birds Movie’. The story is so thin, the film’s subplots are larger than the film overall, all thanks to the plot device of Scrat. Really, you’re using hashtags as jokes? That wasn’t even a thing back then? Oh, and the mention of profile pictures? Pop songs that weren’t invented then? How much disbelief can I give to this film?!

‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ is strictly for kids. Not even the audience I was in were laughing that much, it was a lot of silence, and that’s not a good sign.