Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Let’s return to the magical world of Narnia for the follow-up ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ to the 2005 blockbuster hit. Is it better, if not equal, to the spectacular first entry or is its magic fading away? Let’s hop on a train and take us to the world of Narnia.

The sequel sees our heroes return to Narnia, where it looks familiar, however the land seems to be in ruin. The Narnia they remember has now crumbled as hundreds of years have passed on by since their last arrival in this magical land, however the magic seems to be non-existed unlike last time. The land has died from a kingdom called the Telmarine, where their young prince Caspian has ran away and found himself among the Narians.

This film has many moments of pure brilliance, where it even tops the first film. However, overall it just misses the mark of its brilliant predecessor as the film seems to be a little too long and some odd inclusion of scenes that just don’t work, like the scene to summon the White Witch – I get what they were going for, tempting fate and the Witch to persuade the good Narians to join them in their battle. The problem I see with it that while visually its impressive, it just doesn’t really do anything to the plot, seeming more than to expand the film’s runtime even longer than it really needs to be, and those creatures that summon her are just far too silly to take serious – they seem to be fit for the first film, but don’t fit in this darker serious sequel.

Despite some negative aspects of this film, the sequel actually has a lot to show for, with its darker and more mature tone of brutal battles and excellent use of combat sword scenes, the sequel’s stakes are raised even more, thanks to this new world’s serious tone. No wonder it got slapped with an M classification rating, while the first film was PG rated. Despite the film’s bleak and serious tone, the film also has some moments of fun and its humour is mostly on point, like Lucy’s comments on Reepicheep’s cuteness and Edmund defending himself in battle with a torch. And of course, the visuals are amazing to behold.

‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ may be darker, more serious and mature than the magical first film, but despite the magic disappearing from the world of Narnia, there is some magic left that makes this film an entertaining and worthy follow-up to ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’.