After the critical and financial success of the first film, ‘Ice Age: The Meltdown’ is the 2006 sequel to the surprise 2002 hit film.

‘Ice Age 2’ sees the return of everybody’s favourite herd, featuring Sid, Manny and Diego. Now, after living in a “bowl” of ice, the ice begins to crack, leaving it to be flooded. They only have a couple of days to get to the boat to safety mentioned by a creepy vulture. However, along the way, they run into three possums, with the third actual a mammoth like Manny, however she’s been thinking she’s a possum since at a very young age of isolation and fear.

The sequel isn’t all that bad, the jokes mostly land, despite some crude references that are a bit of a miss. However, the film tries to bring some heart to it, like the previous film did, of showing Ellie’s backstory, which actually mirrors or is similar to how Manny was abandoned by his family, showing a nice connection between the two. Although, there is an odd confrontation that goes south between the two which wasn’t much needed (if you know what I mean, it is the scene before they find themselves in trouble with rocks in the air). Although, during the film’s conclusion, there’s a conflict between Manny and Ellie that was much needed and was plot driven, compared to the scene previously.

There are some cracks in the ice like the scene with Sid and the mini sloths being enjoyable, but was it needed? Especially how brief it was, and what was up with that vulture song? The film, out of nowhere, goes into musical territory, that the first film never had any songs present. It was a rather odd inclusion.

‘Ice Age 2: The Meltdown’ is enjoyable, as it tries to be heart-warming while also funny, and while there are some cracks present, it is a sequel that has some enjoyment out of it, comparing to its future sequels.