I haven’t seen this film in a long, long time, and with ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ premiering in theatres this month, so let’s take a look at the chillogy of the ‘Ice Age’ series starting with the first film.

After rescuing Sid the Sloth from a duo of Brontops. Manny and Sid head off and find a baby boy from a dying mother. The two head off, along with Diego who wants to steal the baby from his herd, to find the baby’s missing father.

It’s surprising to see humans in an ‘Ice Age’ movie as they don’t reappear in the sequels, but I think what makes this first entry better than its follow-ups is that the humans provide the heart of the film as we relate to them and care about the baby boy being reconnected to his lost family. Although, Manny also provides a heartfelt and surprising emotional backstory that connects him and the baby together as both were lost from their family at a young age. Something the sequels are missing, and instead focus on half-baked plots and crude humour, and while that is present in this film, the movie just makes you feel towards these characters that the follow-ups never glance upon.

However, there are some flaws like the dodo birds being thrown in there just for the kids to get a giggle at with their over-the-top failed ninja skills and standing on top of one another only to walk off a cliff? Hmmm… I know you wanted to make these birds extinct to match historical accuracy, but why did they walk off the cliff? I don’t really know.

Although, the film occasionally gets a laugh at some of its jokes, and it’s also a nice change of pace to see Scrat interact with the lead characters of the movie, something that never happens in the third and fourth films, instead being sidelined in his own shenanigans that come across like a short film spliced in half and included into the feature film.

‘Ice Age’ has charm, it has heart, and it has some good laughs with a simple road trip story. It’s fun for the whole family.